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~ What People Say ~

What People Say 

Seraphina is one of Salt Spring Island’s finest gems. Over the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to study homeopathy and magic with her, as well as regularly see her as a homeopath and herbalist.  Her offering is rich, vast, and true.  Skillful in her practice and deeply attuned, her presence is consistently warm and encouraging; she promotes autonomy and wholeness in her patients and students and is incredibly generous with her resources and care. It is with her support and guidance that I have become a more integrated, empowered, and healthy woman. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Meghan Rathwell //

Since I started to become familiar with Seraphina’s body of work, and through the workshops I have attended and all of her teachings I Lisa Nixon like I have “come home” and found the part of me that has been missing for so long. What a gift it is to truly feel like I have found my tribe. In all of the practices, pathways, healing modalities I have experienced for myself, and within my career, the gift Seraphina bring is the absolute most profound I have experienced. My life has changed IMMENSELY (for the absolute good) since I started attending these workshops. My personal relationships have deepened, I have a greater sense of self-empowerment, I feel magic in my bones and in my heart, and the greatest gift of all – connection: to source, to self, to earth, to community. Seraphina’s ability to create sacred space touches me deeply. Her teaching style is well-balanced, very well thought-out and it is obvious that she are deeply passionate and well educated on her offerings. As a facilitator she is approachable, attentive, intuitive, compassionate, wise, and accessible. Seraphina has an innate ability to create a safe and supportive environment while be present with each participant, and mindful of the whole at the same time. I am so grateful. “May we remember, who we really are”.  In gratitude.

Lisa Nixon //

Grounded in foundational wisdom, Seraphina is a pillar for all called to this work. Whether it be an intimate ritual or a large community gathering, her authentic presence holds space for that which needs to be healed, rebirthed and spoken in these crucial times. She has a gift of bringing out the potential in her students. I am in awe at the growth I witness in myself from her teachings in both Magic and Herbalism over the past three years. My life perspective has shifted from seeing myself as a passive recipient to old stories and a broken system that fails us, to a knowing creatix remembering she walks the path of truth-seeking; here to shift things up by creating new programs and inspiring others to find their inner magic. Seraphina is an amazing gift to all who are blessed enough to find her.

Brigid Devoe //

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