Seraphina's primary modalities are homeopathy and herbal medicine.  She is a classically trained homeopath, and uses a constitutional method for addressing the underlying cause of a condition. The method  involves a dialogue that is easy-going and spontaneous. The dialogue between patient and practitioner allows for the discovery of the best remedy needed at this time in life. The interview may cover mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of the individual. She utilizes homeopathic research and reporting that is both traditional and contemporary, found in venerable texts as well as on the most up to date research.

People of all ages and walks of life seek treatment ‚ÄĒ some come because of very specific disease states (diagnoses) and others for a general re-direction of their life and energy. Homeopathy can help an individual at any stage of development.

It is important to recognize that treatment is very individualized: THAT is the genius of homeopathy! For instance, five individuals coming for a migraine syndrome will each likely receive a different protocol.

Seraphina may recommend nutritional supplements or individualized lifestyle changes along with the homeopathic or herbal remedies to assist your body during your healing process.

She may also recommend rituals, ceremonies, or personal practices to help support your whole being.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled 4-6 weeks after you begin your protocol.

Appointments are offered in-person and online. 


New Patient Appointment (1.5-2 hours): $250.00*

*Constitutional treatment addresses chronic, long-standing conditions.

Follow-up Appointments (45-60 min): $130.00*

*This price includes your primary homeopathic remedy. Herbal tinctures and supplementary homeopathics are supplied at an additional cost.

Family Appointment $160.00*

*Parent and Child appointment -  for up to two children under the age of 18. 

*plus shipping for long-distance patients.



The Sacred Pause 

This free 10-minute Meditation will leave you grounded, calm and empowered.

Booking an Appointment

 Please use this link to schedule your appointment:


Or you can email or phone: [email protected] 250-537-4772 (landline, not texts please.)

I do not offer email consultations.

I will not be able to give health advice over email due to my professional regulation restrictions.

I receive a high volume of emails daily, so please keep your email correspondence brief.

The initial consultation takes approximately 2 hours. Follow-up appointments are approximately one hour long. Office hours are 8:30AM-6:00PM Tuesday through Friday. Phone calls and emails will be returned by the end of the day received, or the next day, Tuesday through Friday.


For Canadians, payment can be made by cash, personal cheque, or e-transfer.

Americans & International patients: Canadian or US cash, or PayPal (your PayPal account can process credit cards.)



Registered homeopaths are recognized by the following insurance companies:

Claim Secure
Green Shield
Medavie Blue Cross
Pacific Blue Cross
It is the responsibility of the patient to check with their extended benefits carrier to ensure their policy includes homeopathic treatment (sometimes included under paramedical services.) If your policy does not provide the coverage you require, you are encouraged to be pro-active. You can write the insurance company, asking them to include homeopathy in your type of coverage.


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Seraphina Capranos, DCH, RCSHom

Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 1H4

250-537-4772 (landline, does not receive text)

[email protected]

Please note: due to the high volume of emails received, and to ensure you receive the best quality of care, email consultations are not provided.