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seraphinasquarI grew up learning natural medicine from my elders. This rooted me in the confidence and power of the body’s innate healing wisdom, which I am inspired by daily.

A serious injury to my spine as a teenager catapulted me  down a path of deep learning; for the first time in my life, at sixteen, it seemed every health care system — conventional and natural — failed me.  Determined to understand health, disease and healing, I pursued professional training in both herbalism and homeopathy. On this journey of learning, I healed my chronic pain, and made a personal commitment to help others access their own potential for healing.

flowerhomeI’m a classically trained homeopath & western herbalist offering one-on-one consultations at my clinic, The Green Raven Centre on Salt Spring Island, BC, where I’ve been in practice for over ten years.  I also serve patients all over the world via Skype and telephone.  You can book an appointment online here.  My greatest passion is educating and empowering people in the wisdom of natural medicine through appointments and classes.  My signature program is The Alchemy of Herbal Medicine, course on Salt Spring.  I teach Intro to Homeopathy online, and several other classes here. I’m a guest teacher at schools, conferences and symposiums throughout North America.


Fire Cider: An Easy-to-make homemade respiratory tonic

Many decades ago, the renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar coined the term “Fire Cider” for a simple home made respiratory tonic using easy to find kitchen ingredients and apple cider vinegar (recipe below). When I was in herbal school in the... read more

Naturally fermented pickles – Vinegar Free

This is by far the most frequently asked-for recipe in my repertoire – how to make dill-garlic pickles, without vinegar.  Naturally fermented (aka cultured) pickles produces the most delicious sour pickle that is full of naturally occurring... read more
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