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I’m Hiring!

Hello! I’m looking to hire a social media manager for my company The Center for Sacred Arts.  This individual must live on Salt Spring Island so we can collaborate in person regularly.  This is a part-time position with lots of room to grow with the company as we are rapidly growing ourselves.  Are you an…

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Rosemary Gladstar’s Iron Syrup

This recipe is from my well loved copy of Herbal Healing for Women by Rosemary Gladstar, published in 1993. Rosemary calls it Iron-Plus Syrup. The ‘plus’, is the addition of vitamin C and other mineral rich herbs that help the body absorb iron. * Read my commentary at the bottom. Ingredients: 3 parts nettle 3…

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Milky Oats & Deep Nourishment

milky oats, herbal medicine, growing herbs, herbal tinctures, herbalism

I was 22 years old and working in a health food store when I met a frazzled customer asking for help for her hot flashes and insomnia. Her eyes were anxious, her voice raspy, and the feeling was desperate. Out tumbled the story of her heart-wrenching divorce that coincided with her mother’s too-soon passing. My…

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Poplar: A Bud for Winter’s End

poplar buds, herbal medicine, wildcrafting, herbal oils, herbal tinctures

When I need to regroup and pause, I go and sit by the Poplar tree. Perhaps it’s the convergence of elements they live among that’s so soothing, with that borderland where river meets rock and gnarly root. Poplars are majestic. Sturdy. Powerful. And in the in-betwixt season of late winter and early spring, their buds…

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Fireside Chat: Ancestral Medicine with Robert Birch & Seraphina

Robert Birch, Fireside Chat

My best friend Robert Birch and I have taught together for nearly as long as we’ve known each other. We met in a workshop in 2003, and since then, we’ve facilitated more large community rituals than we can count. Here, we discuss our backgrounds and relationship with ancestral medicine practices. Robert’s Bio: Robert helps people…

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Community is Immunity

The coronavirus’s quick travel around the globe in a few short months in early 2020 highlights our connectivity as human beings.   As the metaphor goes, a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and sets off a tornado in Texas. The hygiene practices and social distancing you or I practice has a tremendous impact not…

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[Audio Recording] Deep Sleep Meditation

I get so many requests – much more than I can fulfill – to produce audio recordings of the various meditations, visualizations, and exercises I sometimes guide patients and students through.  This one is a simple guided meditation for Deep Sleep. Tips: Creating a soothing atmosphere of restfulness is important. People tend to sleep better…

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Keeping balance: The spring equinox

Artist: Michael Hiep Today, March 20th, witches, pagans and earth-kin celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year, as this day, March 20th, marks spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and autumnal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. While we may say it’s a day of balance, with daytime and nighttime sharing equal hours of…

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Cold & Flu Video Tutorial

Hello Beautiful World! I’m trying to put out a series of videos to address the common questions I get asked time and time again. Here in Canada, we’re in the depths of winter. In fact, I haven’t been able to leave my house for three days! Cabin fever has me finally sitting down to record this free video for you.

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[Audio Recording] Unhooking Meditation Practice

Here is a meditative practice (audio recording) for unhooking from anger, sadness, grief – any energetic emotional block – that you feel is stopping your flow of life force. We aren’t always aware of what happens when we engage with a person or situation and suddenly thereafter feel so ‘off’. It could be the way…

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