ONLINE CLASS Herbs For Anxiety


This is a deep dive video class into Seraphina’s six favorite herbs for anxiety. This class focuses on the specific use of each herb and how they differentiate from one another plus the dose, proper usage, and frequency of application.
This pre-recording is a 100-minute class that was taught live in a webinar format on January 24, 2019.
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This is a live 100-minute webinar of focused content including Q&A.

There is so much suffering in the world, and as empaths and highly sensitive individuals our tendency can be to absorb and embody this suffering. We do this unconsciously, as a means to try unburden the heavy weight of so much pain out there. Our cells hold memory and store trauma, shock, and the effects of persistent stress. This can lead to anxiety attacks or low-grade chronic anxiety with flares.  However, our body is also designed and fully capable to healing, letting go, and changing our relationship with these stressors. Herbs are healers that can help our nervous systems let go, re-learn, and build strength and resiliency.
In this live-video class I share botanical strategies for both acute events such as anxiety attacks and chronic life-long anxiety. Taken regularly over time, herbs build health, strengthen our vital force and help us re-learn (or learn to begin with) ways of moving through the world with more ease and peace.Our body is designed to reset to health, but sometimes we need help getting there. Taken regularly, anti-anxiety herbs act as teachers and guides for our nervous system.  Through their biochemical brilliance these herbs re-organize how we respond to events. As a recent patient in my practice said, “it’s like the herbs helped me grow a buffer between me and the hectic family situation I’m in so I can catch my breath and make more clear decisions from a place of balance, rather than respond with rage at every sudden moment.

This 100-Minute class was taught live with Q&A on January 24, 2019