Divine Love Elixir


Heart Healer, reminder of the sweetness in life.
Ingredients: Fresh hawthorn berries, rose hips, fresh rose petals, honeybush, cocoa, saw palmetto, rose infused honey, brandy. Made on the Taurus Full Moon.
Size: 50ml.

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A heart opener, and reminder of all that is sweet in life. Use this to shift you out of grief, sadness, loneliness and stress. A few drops on the tongue brings you ease, warmth, love. A smile on the lips. Some say, it’s love and kindness in a bottle.
Made within sacred space under the moonlight just as Venus was glowing high in the sky, this formula is filled with the blossoming of roses, saw palmetto for juicy heart-sex connection, and the magnetism of a rose blossoming just as the bees pollinate.
Use this formula to become, and then magnetize the vibration of love you desire (doesn’t have to be another person, or even sexual). Cocoa, a mild antidepressant, opens our senses and helps us melt away unnecessary armour keeping us away from all that is beautiful in life. Hawthorn, a cousin of Rose, heals old heart-breaks and make room for new love. Rose teaches us how to love. With good boundaries. Cardamom, used in love spells for thousands of years, also ruled by Venus, gently stimulates circulation and reminds us of the spice of life. Use this elixir in personal love spells, to carry in your handbag and take as needed as a remedy against a hostile world; take to ease loneliness and feelings of isolation, as an aphrodisiac with your lover or yourself.