ONLINE CLASS Herbs for Depression


  • 90-Minute video class that was taught live February 2019
  • PDF of class notes
  • PDF how to make herb medicines

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Join Seraphina in this 90-Minute video where she shares case studies and protocols.

Herbs can be of great help in a time of tremendous need, and not just because they calm the anxiety, clear stagnation or help our gut secrete more serotonin, but because they promote the healthy flow of life energy. If you’ve ever experienced depression, you know how isolating and suffocating it can be. It’s as if life will never change. There’s a helplessness, despair, and depth that can be all-consuming. Whether you’re in a period of prolonged sadness or life-long depression come and learn about some of these treasured plant allies that have helped lift people up for hundreds and thousands of years.
Herbs are not used as a “natural” replacement for medication. They work in an altogether different ways than drugs. They help shift our body towards a position of health, where we feel more alive, more in touch with oneself, and connected to our place in the world.