Seraphina Capranos Bio

Seraphina’s Bio:

Seraphina is a priestess, herbalist & homeopath who’s been steeped in life’s magical riches from an early age thanks to her pagan grandparents and mother.  She has devoted herself to exploring the sacred since the age of 12.  She’s passionate about serving the powers of Nature and the principles of Healing and believes it’s in the alchemy of these two forces blending that humans can find their dance of liberation.

She has been priestessing ceremony and magic in the Reclaiming Tradition since 2005.  She’s a lover of bioregional herbs, wild animals,  island living, and  she’s inspired to stir our world awake through ancestral healing, practises of ecstatic joy, sacred sexuality and plant medicine.  She strives to commune daily with the soft breath of Nature so she can listen deeply to the song of the wild.

She spent 8 years in an intensive Toltec shamanism apprenticeship that radically shifted the way she sees reality, and continues to facilitate a pathway towards a more humble, authentic way of living.

Since 2004 she’s worked at a busy interdisciplinary clinic, The Green Raven Centre, where she practices western herbalism and classical homeopathy. She teaches herbalism, homeopathy and magic internationally.

She lives on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada.

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