Apprenticeship Circle

Registration Closes April 14th

Connect to your own voice of wisdom, NOW.

Awaken to the forces of nature. 

We no longer have a choice, we must listen... deeply.

The world is in crisis, the earth and all her inhabitants need us now.


How can we best serve our family, our community, the earth and ourselves when we’re disconnected, exhausted and caught up in the illusions of the modern life?  Spoiler alert....we can't. 


Without our root, we cannot bloom.


Life has its seasons, just like the Earth does. Some seasons are dark and cold like winter, others are bright and fast-moving like summer. How do we stay rooted in our center, connected to the inner compass that is always there, guiding us towards what we are meant to contribute in this lifetime?
Many of us don’t even know the wisdom of our body has an inner compass innately built in; let alone know how to listen to it. 


The voice of our inner wisdom is how nature speaks to us, and also through us. It is our connection to our soul, our calling and our greater purpose.


The Rose & Root Priestess Apprenticeship is a path of learning the skills and being given the resources to cultivate a relationship with your inner mystic, your wise and wild woman.  This apprenticeship will allow you to develop a strong, practical and spiritual toolkit that is required to move through these times, now more than ever.

This is done by shifting our perceptual field from pain to power, by doing so we walk a more integrated and empowered path.  A priestess is one who opens to source energy, and is in service to something greater than self. The priestess is already in you, it's about learning to listen to her and take action in a grounded practical way that serves.

This is not a journey to gather a false sense of power for your own spiritual inflation.
This work is in service to humanity and this apprenticeship is in service to the times.
This program will never be offered again, in this way. 


Drawing upon the wise teachings of plants, sacred priestess arts and Toltec wisdom, I invite you to cultivate personal power through ancient spiritual techniques to strengthen trust in your own intuition, increase your core vital energy,  reduce daily draining patterns and habits, clear your mind, and deepen your relationship with source energy. 


This is not a journey to gather a false sense of power for your own spiritual inflation. This work is in service to humanity. 

Drawing upon my extensive training in the wise teachings of plants, the priestess arts and Toltec wisdom, I am offering you a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to learn to cultivate personal power through ancient spiritual techniques through these channels.  Strengthen trust in your own intuition, increase your core vital energy and resilience,  reduce draining daily habits and patterns, clear your mind, and deepen your relationship with Source energy.  


As we build skills and sharpen the tools we already have, we come home to our DEEP SELF and in turn are rewarded with a life of resilience, vitality and fulfillment. This work is ultimately to support each of us to wake up and feel alive so we can be a better ancestor, and in turn serve our communities, and humanity, while being led by the Earth's Wisdom.

About the word priestess: A priestess is who seeks to understand The Sacred Order of All Things. They are devoted to making themselves available to serve humanity by listening to the forces of nature. The priestess is already in you, it's about learning to listen to her and take action in a grounded practical way that serves.


Resources to Strengthen Certainty and Confidence
Guided Plant Journeys
Priestess Arts Teachings 
An Instant Community
Energy Clearing Practices
Seasonal and Lunar Health Practices
Ancient practices that have stood the test of time and work
Access to my inner circle fireside seasonal gatherings
Bonus, content-rIch emails every two weeks

*Note: Plant Journeys are used with common medicinal herbs that are easy to find in any herb shop; we will not be working with psychoactive plants. Those who practice sobriety are welcome here.


  • Practice ancient, time-tested techniques to cut through limiting beliefs that keep you repeating patterns that do not serve you
  • Build resilience and learn the difference between self-care and self-soothing; they are not the same.
  • Track your own energy patterns to prevent draining encounters. Build and fiercely protect your vitality to prevent burnout and exhaustion. 
  • Strengthen your inner ground, and certainty, for times of upheaval 
  • Break away from the anxiety and depression that stems from inner narratives that no longer serve you
  • Accept that joy and fulfillment  are not reserved for some time in the future, but available to you now. 
  • Tap into your Wise Woman, the well of your infinite wisdom and your true voice of guidance for answers and direction, anytime. 
  • Ignite your Wild Woman without fear 
  • Live by your core values without compromise 
  • Renovate and Remodel your inner landscape
  • Develop your own unique ritual and ceremonial style to root, anchor and integrate a more fulfilling life. 
  • Learn a handful of medicinal plants, their use, lore and historical uses to support your physical, mental and psychic health. 
  • Grow your community with women who inspire, uplift, support and actually celebrate each other.… There is so much more, but the invitation only stands for a handful more days. Take a leap of faith and join us… we are almost full,  and are waiting just for YOU! 


Seraphina Capranos is a clinical herbalist, homeopath, and initiated priestess with a practice spanning across two decades. Her journey onto the path of healing was inspired by her mother, who was a healer herself. Like many cast onto the path of healing and spiritual training, it was pain and suffering that led her into the forest to seek the answers to life’s big questions. First, it was an injury that left her bed-ridden with debilitating pain as a teenager, and just a few years later, the intractable disease then sudden tragic death of her father that set her on a spiritual quest at such a young age. At the age of 14, Seraphina began learning alchemical practices from shamanic practitioners she met by accident. From the age of 16 until age 18 she apprenticed with a medical intuitive, and then embarked on the priestess path in 1998, at the age 19. She spent ten years in an Toltec apprenticeship, which radically shifted her perceptional world. She has since held countless circles, classes, rituals and ceremonies, her greatest teachers still to this day are the students and patients whom she is grateful to work with. She is continually in awe of the strength of the human spirit.  As well as being a deeply engaging teacher and speaker, she has a clinical practice on Salt Spring Island. Her unique blend of gifts straddle the vast worlds of plant medicine, homeopathy, and ritual and ceremonial magic. She is a sought after international teacher and the founder of The Center for Sacred Arts.  



Seraphina is a powerful and gifted teacher.  Weaving together scientific frameworks with intuitive ways of knowing, she supports her students to dive deep into the mystery of plant medicine and holistic healing.
Infused with beauty, ritual, and heart, her classes open up a space in between worlds -rooted in the physical and simultaneously immersed in the ever expansive spiritual realm of which we are all a part of. 
Seraphinas warmth and deep presence supports her students to connect with their own intuition, inner wisdom and ancestral ways of knowing that are rooted deeply within our bodies.  This is a precious and vital gift in a world that often has many of us disconnected, disempowered, and severed from our own truth and wholeness.  Re-membering our way back into relationship with ourselves, each other and the land is a deep deep medicine and Seraphina guides this journey with skill, integrity, compassion and wisdom. 


Studying with Seraphina has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Her teachings have profoundly impacted my life in a variety of ways, even outside the realm of herbal medicine. Not only have I gained knowledge and confidence working with medicinal plants, I have been introduced to the innate healing power we all carry within, the complexity & sacredness of the healing journey, and a whole new outlook on how I see the world, the plant realm and my Self. Seraphina is an incredibly wise, grounded, captivating and humble teacher. I truly couldn’t of asked for a better mentor as I walk the healing path. I particularly appreciate the way she seamlessly weaves together the sacred and ancient with the scientific and modern. Thanks to Seraphina I feel competent and confident to treat myself, loved ones, and clients, teach workshops, and formulate beautiful and effective remedies. Studying with Seraphina has truly been a blessing! I highly recommend her programs to folks of all levels of herbal medicine experience.  


My experience with Seraphina as a mentor of mine in the Alchemy of Herbal Medicine course allowed me to sink deeply into my roots as a herbalists and expanded my awareness into my own capacity as a healer. Seraphina provides a safe container for her students to explore themselves and for their own inner wisdom to come shining through. Her own wisdom radiates through in a manner that invites you in, comforts you, and gives you the curiosity to learn more. She is a sensational teacher who pours her heart into her work as a mentor and into the beauty of who she is and what she creates. She doesn’t just teach herbalism, she awakens you to the power of the plants themselves. She guides you on a profound journey home to yourself and your power within.

Herbalist, Mama & gardner


As a budding herbalist, I had read a lot of herbal books and tried a lot of things at home. As a student in Seraphina’s Alchemy of Herbal Medicine program, I gained skills in medicine-making, and deepened my understanding of the materia medica. My relationship with many herbs was forged, and my apothecary expanded. As a graduate of the program, I was prepared to support loved ones to find better health through herbal remedies. I can’t thank Seraphina enough for sharing her wisdom and hard-won herbal knowledge and practice in this program—we need more empowered community and family herbalists in this world.
student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbalist, and homesteader


From the moment that I started with Seraphina in her herbal training I knew that I belonged. In previous herbal courses I always felt slightly overwhelmed and as if I would never be able to memorize the properties and preparation of the hundreds of assigned herbs weekly. With Seraphina, she showed me that my body and my unconscious mind hold so much of this information already and that with herbs, knowing fewer herbs more intimately will deepen your practice and confidence. With her guidance and mentorship, I was able to access and encourage my inner knowing and allow it to grow and flourish along with the herbs surrounding me. By the time I completed her training, I was itching for more but was also left feeling confident in knowing how treat that itch with a plethora of local wildcrafted herbs ;). I know without a shred of doubt that if you choose Seraphina, you will not regret it. Welcome to a beautiful community that weaves magic, lore and practical herbal knowledge into an accessible format that guides you to build a community, your inner knowing and weaves herbs and magic into your daily life.

RN, MScN:FNP student

Since taking The Alchemy of Herbal Medicine with Seraphina my view of the world has been drastically changed. I see medicine everywhere, and have such a deeper appreciation for the spirit of the plants as well as their physical constituents. The plant sits that we did in this program were amazing. The plant journeys that she took us on will stay with me forever. This was my first dive into holistic medicine and it was 100% the best place to start. She is a warm, passionate, and insanely knowledgeable teacher with such a beautiful and grounding energy. With her expertise in homeopathic medicine alongside herbs, Seraphina adds another layer to her teachings that you won't find in the common literature. This is more than just a herbal medicine course. Seraphina holds a container for transformation and healing with her huge heart and expansive tool kit of wisdom. Whether you are new to herbs or have been exploring them for awhile, I believe this course has something for everyone.
Massage Therapist 


After researching several programs and teachers, I made my choice to go ahead with Seraphina Capranos and her course The Alchemy of Herbal Medicine. And wow, what a wise decision it was. With both her professional background and being a generational Herbalist, Seraphina has a rare and natural gift of translating deep wisdom through educational templates. Her course was incredibly informative, organized and was the first real open door for me, into the world of Herbalism. I found each part of her program to be a clear and concise glimpse into the beautiful connection that is possible, and dare I say necessary, with the natural world. Thanks to this program and Seraphina, years later, I now walk through the world with confidence in identifying, foraging, contemplation and medicine making with the plants.
Facilitator at Elemental Eros, Founder at Moonrise Project


Taking the Alchemy of Herbal Medicine course with Seraphina Capranos was one of the best things I have done for myself in a very long time! The course was both very practical as well as almost mystical and ethereal at times. Along with all of the information about the various herbs that we covered there was a large component of health and wellness and body systems. Seraphina wove it all together quite seamlessly. Her wealth of Knowledge and her ability to deliver all of this vast amount of information in very accessible ways made learning easy and enjoyable under her compassionate and supportive  tutelage. Since completing this wonderful educational program I have been absolutely delighting in gathering herbs and creating tinctures, syrups, salves and creams throughout the seasons! 

Seraphina is an amazing, compassionate, natural teacher. Through her Alchemy of Herbal Medicine course, I’ve learned so much about myself and many wonderful plants that are there for our benefit. She has a deep understanding of the different plants, their nuances and complexities, and how they work in harmony with the body, mind, and spirit of an individual. She brings vast clinical experience into her lessons yet shares this in an engaging way. Studying with her has taught me so much, I can’t recommend this course enough.  

Nutritionist  breez_kitchen instagram 


At a time in my life where I felt utterly lost  and going through major hormonal changes, I came upon Seraphina's Program.  There never goes a day that I am not grateful I learnt from Seraphina. She teaches in a way that allows you to tap into your own innate being to really hear, feel and see what a particular plant has to offer. Seraphina teaches with pure love of the plant world, which you may not find in a conventional setting. When I started to work with plants in the way she teaches I learned to listen to my own inner wisdom and started to become into a more vibrant state of mind, heart and soul. Seraphina brings her ancestral knowledge alongside her educational knowledge and the combination is beautiful. She has a soft and yet potent way of teaching, you are sure to have a journey of a lifetime when you step into her virtual classroom. 
Langley BC 


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my herbal apprenticeship with Seraphina Capranos. The information has been remarkably useful and deeply interesting. I've especially appreciated the balance of right brain / left brain learning supported with practical hands on experience. Seraphina is an extremely knowledgeable and competent teacher. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of and confidence in herbal medicine.
Still Mountain Farm Salt Spring Island


Taking Seraphina's course was one of the best decisions I've made with my herbal medicine studies. She is so knowledgeable, patient, sincere, and personable and makes the lessons clear and memorable. I've taken other courses where the teachers zoom through herbs and I don't absorb the information, but Seraphina makes sure the class takes their time to really get to know the herbs and their properties on a physical and even emotional level. I felt so connected with plants while taking the course, it inspired and encouraged me to work with them seasonally and make beautiful medicine without feeling intimidated by the process. I can't recommend Seraphina's herbal course enough, it is something that will stick with you for a lifetime.

For the first time in my teaching history, I am offering a discount like none other before….7 months of curriculum, live sessions, community support, incredibly valuable additional content emailed out every two weeks…  for just $450!

I have always provided a discount for previous students and my longtime community,  and now I am providing tuition that is 75% less than any comparable program. In addition, I'm offering my insiders discount to the public for the next few days only and will even add an additional 10% … You can join us for 7 months of unbelievable curriculum bringing tuition down to $405!

Why am I doing this? … good question!
I'm guided by a calling to serve and provide the best value I can through sharing my offerings to as many people as possible. I have been blessed with great teachers, and I consider it my sacred task to pass on their wisdom. My local, in-person version of this apprenticeship filled in a few hours… which told me there was not only a HUGE DEMAND for this work, but that others felt the stirring to wake up to this calling too. So, I decided to price this program as low as possible, and fairly compensate my incredible team who work with me behind the scenes.  Offering this program online means people can join us from anywhere in the world! 
I am only providing this apprenticeship at this introductory rate, this one time. I know one of the biggest perceived barriers right now in this time of uncertainty is money. So I decided to see what happens if I basically give it away… My goal is to build a legion of empowered women who will take us into this post pandemic life like phoenixes rising from the ashes.

If after the first class you feel this is not for you, I'll refund your money. No questions asked.

* Note this apprenticeship will be a prerequisite for the Flagship Program offered in the fall of 2023. Stay tuned. 


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One Payment of $450 CAD



11:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST.
Classes recorded, participants will be sent the replay.

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 Let’s rise together, and each build the life our hearts, our souls and the world is waiting for, NOW

Scholarships have been filled for 2023.

My value is to turn no one away for lack of funds and to fairly compensate women who work in a world where we’re still paid less than men.
If you are experiencing economic hardship please email us as we always aim to set aside scholarship spaces.
In recognition that financial circumstance is often connected to systems of privilege and oppression, priority is for folks who are Indigenous, People of Colour, single parents, or those who are living with disability or illness.
If the only way to participate is to reserve one of these spots please let us know by email so we know where to allocate these spaces.

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