Let them eat tulips


It feels like it’s been far too long since I last sent a newsletter out to you dear community! That’s because spring for me begins in February, and that means lots of time harvesting outside every spare moment I have, with little spare time on the computer.  The months between February and July are the most productive months of the year for me to fill my apothecary with herbal medicines.

Today I’m giving you recipes plus step-by-step answers to some of my most frequently asked questions (and most popular blog posts)!

1. How do you make a herbal oil (to be used in face creams, massage oils, or added to flavour food? Go here. And do it with dandelion flowers, rose petals, calendula flowers, rosemary flowers and leaves, honeysuckle, cleavers, chickweed..the list is endless! 

2. How to make herbal vinegars – from rosemary, thyme, fir needles, dandelion flowers or roots, nettle root, and so much more go here.  It’s so easy, quick, and inexpensive.

3. My very popular Cleopatra’s Rose Cream! Go here and make it yourself! It makes a divine gift (and is sooo nourishing for the skin!)

4. And the most comprehensive list for what herbs are safe (or not) for breast-feeding mothers go here. Keep this in your files and share widely.

5. And an important, and effective skin cancer treatment here. It really does work.


Did you know Lilac blossoms are completely safe for consumption? And tulips petals too? 

Yes, they really are.  So long as you’re not allergic to either of them! 

Today I’m enjoying sipping on lilac tea as the blossoms just opened this weekend. 

And tulips from the garden will go into this evenings salad. 

Try it! But just make sure your flowers are not commercially grown or sprayed with pesticides. I don’t recommend doing this with flowers from the florist shop, unless they can guarantee they are organic and untreated, and suitable for consumption (and even then, I’d rather get them from a friend’s backyard). 

Blessings to you! 


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