Mystic Medicine: Homeopathy Through The Seasons

Learn the language of Nature’s Wisdom

Through the spirit of Homeopathy

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Many of you who know me know this story.


I had suffered a spinal injury as a teen, and while unsure if homeopathy could help it was this mysterious system of medicine that ended up being the only thing that got me back on my feet when no other treatment could. It was a sweet surprise something so gentle yet powerful brought such a shift in my body. Fast forward two decades later and here I am a devoted practitioner to this art, passionate about sharing this system of medicine with the world.

In this course, I’ll take you on a journey.

Using seasonal rhythms as our guide, we’ll dive into the use of homeopathy to support wellness and health during the earth’s sojourn around the sun.

Beginning in November, we’ll explore the wet and damp seasons of fall and winter and how the environment can leave us susceptible to colds, coughs (including whooping cough) flu’s, sleeplessness, anxiety, and seasonal depression. You’ll learn remedies that can help these—and many other seasonal ails –and become proficient in using them yourself! I’ll also give you my favourite herbs and recipes that I love to use at this time of year, along with a few vitamins and supplements with which to stock your kitchen.

Following the movement of the sun, we’ll shift into late winter and early spring; the time of year that’s most common for things like croup, seasonal allergies and skin rashes. Jumping into the heat of summer, we’ll discuss what to do for heat stroke, dehydration, overwhelm, burnout, and smart things to do (and have with you) for travel. We’ll also cover things like what to do if you’ve thrown your back out, experience food poisoning, and first aid situations and accidents.

I’ve been in homeopathic practice since 2005 – and a herbalist before then. All these years later and I’m still routinely moved by the healing  this subtle medicine brings daily. Some say homeopathy is magic. And, well, I suppose it is. The remedies begin as natural substances (minerals, plants, and some animal substances), are tinctured just like a herbal medicine, and then undergo a potentization process that is unique to homeopathy, which renders a natural medicine unlike any other.

Note: While related, homeopathy is not herbal medicine. This is not a herbal medicine course 🙂

A summary of what we’ll cover in this course:

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A summary of what we’ll cover in this course:

  • coughs, colds, (including croup & whooping cough)
  • Influenza viruses (including things like H1N1)
  • Digestive distress, food poisoning
  • Pain and inflammation from accidents and injuries
  • First aid situations, travel preparedness (my tips for airplanes!)
  • Anxiety, seasonal depression, depleted adrenals
  • Sleeplessness, depletion, burn-out
  • The mind-body connection

I love homeopathy because I’ve seen it bring people out of physical and emotional crises time, and time again. And I’ve seen it slowly but surely guide chronically ill folks away from depletion and pain towards renewed energy and optimism.

No, homeopathy is no miracle. However, like many forms of natural medicine, homeopathy acts as a catalyst to awaken our innate vital force which can lead to powerful healing and restoration of balance within ones life.

Learning homeopathy also helps to shift ones lens away from simply viewing body “symptoms” as inconvenient or problematic to understanding that symptoms are the language of our bodies wisdom, and with the right support, symptoms can guide us to the appropriate remedy that awakens our innate healing capacity.

Come and learn about your body’s wisdom.