Happy Equinox!

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Below I share what I do to create an Equinox ritual for letting go, and a link to my ever-popular hawthorn berry syrup (it’s very easy to make). 

There are two equinoxes every year – the spring and autumn equinox. This Autumnal Equinox (Sept 23) marks the beginning of decreasing sunshine.  Instead of fearing it or allowing it to trigger the primal brain that fears darkness and the unknown, consider embracing this time.  It’s temporary. And a beautiful time to bring the harvest of the season into the warmth of your hearth to rejuvenate from the summery season of output and take stock of what you want to bring into the new year.

The equinox is also referred to as Mabon in pagan circles.  A season to surrender and lay down to rest that which no longer serves you to carry forward into the coming season. 

The fall can trigger grief, nostalgia, loneliness, or a hollow feeling.  If this sounds like you, consider creating a ritual, ideally a burning ritual, to let go. Give death to that which may drain or tug at your energy from the past. That may be an idea, way of thinking, memory, job, lover, family member, or habit. 

I like to include old wood or prunings of plants in my burning rituals at this time of year. 

Or, it may not be that you need to give death to something but rather take time to integrate and digest what’s come into your life or is presently here.  This is a season that governs the lungs and large intestine.  So perhaps instead (or along with) a burning ritual of letting go, some space for reflection and integration is necessary.  I like to think of it as making space to digest life.  Personally, the week of the Equinox I carve out more time to meditate, sit in stillness, take long baths, long walks, and take a break from movies and unproductive screen time. 

Now, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression that my life is all peaceful and spacious and all I get to do is meditate and be still- because it’s not! My life is busy, demanding, and constantly in response to lots of people’s needs. That said, whether it’s an extra 15mins in the morning, or an hour at night, I switch it up by making sure I close down the computer earlier, and unplug my phone where ever I can take the extra time. 

This is like a life-raft for me.  I have to do this more often here and there to maintain my own resiliency so I can be clear headed in the world and meet the needs of those I serve.

Does this sound like something that may help you, too?

To ground any wobbly energy that you may be experiencing from the transitional season, here are some herbs I love at this time of year:

– Make your own rootsy non-caffeinated chai.
Chai mixtures are warming, improve circulation, improve digestion, calm anxious energy, and are all-round grounding.
Mix together: Chaga (1 part), reishi (1part), cardomom (1/2part), cinnamon (1/2part), black pepper (1/4part), allspice (1/4part), and fresh ginger (a little to taste). Keep it going in a crockpot, and enjoy 1-2 cups a day. Add some honey and cream or milk (non-dairy is good too) and let these herbs pull out the waste that might be hanging out in your gut, strengthen your immune system, and remind your physical and energetic being of resiliency. And importantly, these herbs ground floaty fragmented energy.

Remember, it’s also the time of Hawthorn berries! Go here for my hawthorn syrup recipe. It’s easy, delicious, and tends lovingly to vulnerable tender hearts.

From my heart to yours,

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