Companionship as Healer?

Sharing our whole self with someone else is risky. It requires boldness and daring to reveal our so-called imperfections, our fears, our longings, our locked away stories. Those parts of self we are taught to hide away from the world. The older I get the more I learn vulnerability takes courage, and courage relies on strength. It calls upon a fortitude that we must summon from our deepest hearts to find ourselves in the arms of intimacy. Not just romantic intimacy, but loving friendships, best friends and kindred spirits. Genuine community. The kind that can hold us, and heal us, and help us weave long-lasting lifelines. 

I’m thinking a lot about the power of these kinds of relationships on the heels of celebrating my best friend’s 50th birthday. I’m so grateful that I’m part of a circle of close kindred spirits that are my everything. And they know I’m there for them. It’s taken years of dedication, of raw honesty, some turmoil, and a lot of truth to nurture these bonds. 

In my one-on-one work with patients and in my soul-journeys it’s revealed that one of the core beliefs we all share is that we are alone. That others have it easier. That we’re somehow chronically missing out. That everyone “but me” has that fulfilling community, partner, family, career. However, what connects us is this sense of aloneness. If only we took the risk to share this fragile secret, we’d find even more soulmates hiding among the shadows of our delicate humanity. Building bonds from the garden of what’s real, instead of the decorum of what’s expected, could be the healing balm for a wound of isolation that has captured the human spirit for far too long. 

I’m wishing you dear reader, the courage to share yourself with souls who can meet you in the garden of truth and vulnerability. 

With love, 


!T H A N K   Y O U! 

I am so deeply moved by the generosity of those who’ve donated towards my post-grad homeopathy school intensive in Greece. Truly, I’m beyond words. My trip is booked (I depart May 27th, home June 22nd) and all because of your help! Asking for support is so difficult, especially for someone like me who’s been self-sufficient my whole life. This has been a big dose of medicine to ask, and then receive. Thank you!
The biggest surprise and heart-opener has been seeing who the donations come from. It’s just so beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you!

All donors will be gifted an intimate dinner with me (most likely at my home) so I can share stories of my journey, what I’ve learned that can help you, plus you’ll receive special edition herbal formulas as a token of my appreciation. This dinner + gift will be scheduled in September or October. For those who live afar: you’ll receive the special edition formulas.

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Thank you for trusting me with your health and well-being. It’s truly an honour and a privilege. 


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Thank you dear reader, for taking the time to read these musings.


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