Cold & Flu Video Tutorial

Hello Beautiful World!

I’m trying to put out a series of videos to address the common questions I get asked time and time again. Here in Canada, we’re in the depths of winter. In fact, I haven’t been able to leave my house for three days! Cabin fever has me finally sitting down to record this free video for you.

The Wisdom of Nature

Here are some tips to accompany the video ~
Go to bed early, ideally before 10:30pm and let your body rest. Use an eye mask if necessary, we sleep better in complete darkness & also in a cool room with fresh air. My favourite herbs for sleep (take them separately or
together): Skullcap, passionflower, California poppy, crampbark.

Take Magnesium glycinate supplement 300mg at dinner for deep sleep and to reduce anxiety and tension.

Rest. Our body repairs when it rests. Find true rest. That means calming the mental activity (thoughts, worries, chronic fears)
through meditation, funny movies, uplifting books, and satisfying conversation. Or watching the clouds drift by. Reduce stimulation in the home (loud music, screens) and curl up to create serenity with a loved one, human or animal. True rest allows for our stress hormones to decrease and our immune system to improve in function.

Nutrition. Reduce sugar, white flour, pasta, white potatoes, soda (including diet soda) as these all tax the immune system. Kick the coffee (drains adrenals) and reduce your dairy (increases phlegm). Load up on colourful whole foods and a spectrum of veggies with a focus on greens, whole grains such as brown rice instead of white rice, soups, stews, and if you are
not a vegan or vegetarian, eat good quality meats. Make sure you drink lots of fresh water – 8 – 10 cups a day.

Gut Health 70% of our immune system is in our gut – eat fermented food, a TBSP three times a day of sauerkraut, or take a probiotic.

Herbal Tea To help increase your resistance to disease drink strongly brewed teas (aka medicinal infusions) of reishi, astragalus, eleuthero,
elderberry & ashwagandha
. Ginger and cinnamon work well to warm up the system— plus they are anti-microbial.
Check your health food store for beautiful blends containing any or all of these herbs.
Vitamin D– Our body actually makes this vitamin when sunlight touches our skin. So get outside and expose your skin to the sunlight (yes, even on a cloudy day). If you spend most of your time indoors then take between 2,000-5,000iu vitamin D ideally in liquid form. You can get your vitamin D levels checked through a blood test.

I hope you like this video! For more-indepth material, register for one of my master classes below.

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