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Join us for the Priestess Apprenticeship

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To be a witch is to be an edge walker. A healer. A priestess & lover of the earth. A seeker of hidden knowledge as we dance between the seen and unseen worlds. Witches dare to journey where others do not. Witches know the secret places of power lying in the shadows and how to journey into that darkness, bringing forth the treasures buried there.

Join us on an extraordinary
journey like no other.

This apprenticeship is an invitation to those ready to:

Wield the powers of Air becoming awake, alive, and illuminated by responding to the call of the witches’ lineage to walk the path of the bold and daring priestess.


Rise with the powers of Fire developing a thriving relationship to your shadow, acknowledging it as your ally and conscious guide; an illuminated tool for living a more integrated and empowered life.

Move into the powers of Water, into your deep inner work, you will learn the skills to grace through conflict and craft authentic rituals that address the needs of your community and the needs of your individual deeper healing.

Ground your magic into the powers of Earth learning the artistry of the physical realm: money, health & sex as empowered Witches; learn community building skills and what it takes to be a village priestess (your ‘village’ may be your family, coven, workplace or beyond).

Integrate with the powers of Spirit to live boldly. Give death to the parts of self ready to be surrendered. Nourish the blossoming life force of who you are becoming.

Awake to the magic which is life.

This apprenticeship is for the person ready to walk their magic into the world and live their every day life as a sacred, empowered, and activated Spell.


Enrolment is based on acceptance after an interview. To allow for us to traverse deeper into advanced skills we are looking for candidates who come with a certain level of experience:

  • The Elements of Magic is mandatory. Students who also have participated  in one or more of the following classes will be seriously considered: The Iron Pentacle, The Pearl Pentacle, The Rites of Passage.
  • The ability to take personal responsibility for your own emotional experience if you are triggered or activated. We recognize that this apprenticeship is provocative and life-altering as it is a journey of Knowing Thyself.
  • A willingness to share sacred space with others in a community setting. Listening well to one another. Respecting community space
  • A commitment to attend each weekend and the once monthly online meetings



The program consists of weekend intensives plus video meetings and assigned personal practices some of which you’ll do on your own, and some you’ll do with your classmates. While we’ll  be meeting in person once monthly there will be regular communication via our private Facebook Group and online meetings using Zoom. There will be a strong container holding us for duration of our journey through the year. 



The in-person sessions will be held on Salt Spring Island on the following weekends. These are Saturday & Sundays all day 10am – 5pm. Some weekends will include a Friday night or Saturday night session.


Feb 3 & 4   March 10 & 11   April 7 & 8   June 2 & 3   Aug 11 & 12   Sept 22 & 23   Nov 3 & 4

*We use the word ‘priestess’ as non-specific to a gender. All genders and gender expressions are welcome here.

Meet Your Facilitators

Each one of us has been teaching magic for two or more decades. Many of those years we’ve been teaching together. We feel deeply honoured to share our accumulative offerings with you. Our offerings are steeped in love, devotion to Spirit and the Earth.

Robert Birch

Born on the unceded territory of the Anishinaabeg people, ~birch played on the shores of the Odenabe River, which in Ojibwa means “river that beats like a heart.” He mostly identifies with the pronouns he/him. He launched his first professional theatre company at fifteen. It was then he began a 27-year student-mentor relationship with Annie…

Willow Kelly’s Bio

Willow’s Bio: I am a musician, storyteller, and eco-political activist witch, wildly in love with this good green earth. I facilitate experiential, transformational magic and music across the U.S., Canada, Germany and Australia, inviting participants into a direct experience of their own magic and powers of transformation. I draw heavily on my training and experiences…

Seraphina Capranos Bio

Seraphina’s Bio: Seraphina is a priestess, herbalist & homeopath who’s been steeped in life’s magical riches from an early age thanks to her pagan grandparents and mother.  She has devoted herself to exploring the sacred since the age of 12.  She’s passionate about serving the powers of Nature and the principles of Healing and believes it’s…

Suzanne Sterling

Suzanne Sterling Bio: Suzanne Sterling is a dedicated musician, yogi, activist and social innovator who has been performing and teaching transformational workshops for over 20 years. She is a passionate facilitator of embodied healing and her unique style is a deep yet ecstatic journey into the heart of creativity, authentic connection with Source, and joyful…

Step into the Circle

Tuition for the apprenticeship is a sliding scale of $1,400 – $5,000

Money is a part of the magic. It’s  a tool for economic justice. As a counter-spell to the overculture we’d like to  be transparent. Pricing this apprenticeship has been difficult as we’d like to make it as accessible as possible and also compensate the hard-working faciliators who need to make a living, cover travel, and be fairly compensated for their skills.

Financial Guideline: If you pay the lowest end of the scale it works out that each weekend intensive is $200 plus the sessions and support in between. If you pay the higher end of the scale each weekend is $850.   Please select the payment scale that honestly reflects your financial situation.   If you live in financial distress and cannot afford this program and feel a deep Call to join, please contact: [email protected]

If you have financial stability and are able to meet ends meet without a worry or your household earnings are more than $70,000 please consider paying the top of the sliding scale. This  is based on the honour system. Which means we trust you will select the part of the scale that truly reflects your financial circumstance.  If you want more information about where you fit into the sliding scale please go here for a great explaination and visual chart.

  Click the application form below. Once you fill it out you will be contacted for an interview to be sure this is the right fit. Payment plans are available. A $250 deposit will secure your space.