Rosemary Gladstar’s Iron Syrup

This recipe is from my well loved copy of Herbal Healing for Women published in 1993. Rosemary calls it Iron-Plus Syrup. The ‘plus’, is the addition of vitamin C and other mineral rich herbs that help the body iron absorption. * Read my commentary at the bottom. Ingredients: 3 parts nettle 3 parts dandelion leaf…

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Milky Oats & Deep Nourishment

milky oats, herbal medicine, growing herbs, herbal tinctures, herbalism

I was 22 years old and working in a health food store when I met a frazzled customer asking for help for her hot flashes and insomnia. Her eyes were anxious, her voice raspy, and the feeling was desperate. Out tumbled the story of her heart-wrenching divorce that coincided with her mother’s too-soon passing. My…

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Poplar: A Bud for Winter’s End

poplar buds, herbal medicine, wildcrafting, herbal oils, herbal tinctures

When I need to regroup and pause, I go and sit by the Poplar tree. Perhaps it’s the convergence of elements they live among that’s so soothing, with that borderland where river meets rock and gnarly root. Poplars are majestic. Sturdy. Powerful. And in the in-betwixt season of late winter and early spring, their buds…

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