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Dandelion Medicine

May is by far my most favourite month of the year. The season is bustling with all the colour and vigour of new life; flowers opening to show their sunny faces and the green of the grass so intense it’s hard to believe it’s real. In just one week my lawn  has suddenly  covered with…

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More on the Bounty of Nettle

I woke early this morning to set out and harvest nettle root from my small but healthy patch of nettles (urtica dioica) The peak time to harvest roots is early spring while the vitality still resides in the root pushing upwards for new growth, or autumn while the vital energies are drawing downwards to the earth…

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I love the month of March.  I love the dramatic intensity of the weather this time of year brings. The sudden rain followed by the sudden break of sunshine; the cleansing wild winds followed by stillness; the noticeable lengthening of daylight past Equinox; the cheerful twittering of birds; lambs and calves joyfully hopping along the…

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I recently came across a fantastic cookbook titled Feeding The Whole Family by Cynthia Lair. The book is created with babies, children, and their parents in mind. You can check it out at Amazon here.   What sets this book apart from so many is the author includes great tips on how to adjust a recipe…

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Herbal Vinegars

Every winter at herb school, I share my love of trees with my students. Along with being majestic, trees function as the respiratory system for entire planet; they are essential for our every breath of life; plus they provide food, shelter, clothing, transportation (boats, vehicles, etc) and warmth through firewood. and, if that weren’t enough,…

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