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Holly, A Tree of Magic

Here, in the depths of December after a fresh snowfall, the Holly Tree calls from outside my bedroom window. I’m preparing my alter for Solstice tomorrow, I’ll be hosting a ritual for 50 people. But first, tonight, a solo cermony for myself to ready my soul for the turning of the Wheel. Candle light fills…

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Herbs for Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

With so many cases of Hand, Foot & Mouth (HFMD) Disease causing a stir in my home community I’m compelled to write about this common infection – namely to let folks know that it is not as dreadful as it’s name. First, this illness is not related to Foot & Mouth Disease (aka Hoof & Mouth Disease)…

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Autumn Rituals: a respiratory tonic

Autumn is definitely my favourite season. While some feel overwhelmed by the chores the season brings, I relish them. I adore decanting, pressing, and bottling all my creations from spring and summer. Nothing is more satisfying for me then sitting back and admiring these herbal potions made with all the plants fresh  and in their prime. As…

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How To Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar

As we move towards autumn I notice the smell in the air, the light cast by the sun, and colour of leaves take on a distinct change. I can’t believe the Autumn Equinox is just a week away— a sure sign of deepening into the the fall, which will certainly draw me more internal. Since…

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cleopatra’s face cream

Cleopatra's Rose Cream, face cream recipe, herbal medicine, rose

I’ve never considered myself skilled at making face creams until I experimented with eliminating shea butter and cocoa butter from my recipe– two staple ingredients listed in every face cream recipe I’ve ever come across. It took me a while to realize the reason my creams came out so grainy in texture and seemed to separate quickly…

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Herbal Oils

As the strength of the hot sun coaxes flowers to open, it signals  ’tis the season to get busy making herbal oils. For those new to making herbal medicines, making an herbal oil may seem an intimidating task, but rest assured, once you’ve done it, it soon becomes one of the easiest tasks of medicine making. The rewards of…

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Fresh Tinctures for July

Making a herbal tincture is the process of soaking plant material in a menstruum (that is, a solvent) to extract the medicinal components into the said menstruum to use for medicine.  A menstruum can be alcohol, water, vinegar, oil, wine, glycerin, honey, or a combination of any aforementioned. Tinctures are handy because one would need…

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California Poppies

I’ve just returned home after spending nearly 2 months in California. Oh how I love that state! The people, the mountains, the sunshine, and of course the bright and bountiful flowers found everywhere. There are many things that impress me about California, and San Francisco in particular. One of those things is how at every street corner,…

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Women’s Herbal Symposium

I’ve just returned from a luxurious week-long break of camping out  & teaching natural medicine at the California Women’s Herbal Symposium. I’ve never been to the symposium before, and wow, what a treat! It was completely different from what I expected. I met amazing colleagues & teachers, made new friends, and in short was blown away by…

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Dandelion Medicine

May is by far my most favourite month of the year. The season is bustling with all the colour and vigour of new life; flowers opening to show their sunny faces and the green of the grass so intense it’s hard to believe it’s real. In just one week my lawn  has suddenly  covered with…

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