A one-day herbal Intensive – Vancouver, BC


Join Seraphina Capranos for a one-day herbal intensive outside of Vancouver, BC in the town of Langley, BC. >

This will be an intimate gathering (limited to 15 people) suitable for beginners or intermediate herb-enthusiasts keen to learn about the wisdom that plants have to offer.

We will explore how herbs can teach us how to find balance in a world that seems like it’s going crazy.  Participants will learn about herbs that can help re-educate our nervous system out of stress cycles, improve sleep, and balance hormones.

We will explore plants in their natural habitat on a herb walk where we will touch, taste, and observe plants with our senses and discover what they tell us through their form and physiology. Participants will experience tuning into the subtle, energetic language of plants through quiet sensing and feeling.

This event takes place at a private home and at a nearby wild space.

Potluck lunch. Some refreshments will be served. Payment is preferred by E-transfer to [email protected]