Learn the Language of Nature’s Wisdom Through Homeopathy

Study the fundamentals of homeopathic medicine through 5-video sessions

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with Seraphina Capranos, Registered Homeopath & Herbalist

zulumike_homeopathy_sulphurHomeopathy is a gentle and non-toxic method of natural medicine that has been in use for over 200 years. 

It’s saved me from debilitating pain from a spinal injury I had as a teen.  Doctors had only surgery to offer me. Since homeopathy, I’ve had zero pain in over 10 years.  It helped me find myself again after the shock of losing my father way too soon. In fact, it was these two major life events that led me to pursue homeopathy professionally.

I’ve seen it bring people out of physical and emotional crises time, and time again. And I’ve seen it slowly but surely guide chronically ill folks away from depletion and pain towards renewed energy and optimism.

No, homeopathy is no miracle.  However, like many forms of natural medicine, homeopathy acts as a catalyst to awaken our innate vital force which can lead to powerful healing and restoration of balance within ones life.

In this introductory class participants will learn how to use homeopathy for many acute and first aid situations that we’re confronted with every day:  common colds, flu, digestive problems, insomnia, anxiety, shock, food poisoning, bruising & injuries, jet lag, and much more. You will learn how to create, and effectively use a holistic first aid kit to have at home and to have for travel. 

Learning homeopathy also helps to shift ones lens away from simply viewing body “symptoms” as inconvenient or problematic to understanding that symptoms are the language of our bodies wisdom, and with the right support, symptoms can guide us to the appropriate remedy that awakens our innate healing capacity. Come and learn about your body’s wisdom.

Introduction to Homeopathy

Cost: $195.00 | before May 1st $175

 Learn to create your own home remedy medicine chest!

Begins May 2nd 2016

• Five  45 minute videos

• Learn homeopathic remedies for a wide-range of first aid acute situations

• Recieve comprehensive hand-outs

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