Healing Grief: Natrum Muriaticum

I share the following personal story so you can learn how, and when, to use this remedy yourself. Keep it close at hand. The times we’re in call for it.

When I was 21 years old, my father unexpectedly died 10 days after my birthday. He was 47. Death is strange; for it’s as natural as birth. We all know it’s going to happen. Yet, when we see someone grieving the loss of a beloved we treat them like the untouchable. Most everyone – friends, neighbours, teachers, and even relatives carefully tip-toed around me and my immediate family unsure of what to say or do so they avoided us altogether as if we had a communicable disease. Cast into the turbulent sea of grieving, and terribly untrained for it, I had to learn the skill of swimming in the cold and unforgiving waters of sorrow. Like many destined to the healing arts, this was just one of the life events that had me thrown ashore forced to walk the path of the wounded healer. Healer, heal Thyself. What an undertaking it is.

The year of my father’s death and the few years following were pivotal to understanding what it means navigate profound loss, depression, and lifelessness. I had no hope, no motivation, and felt isolated; ironically during the very years I was supposed to be enjoying the best years of my life. Then I found the homeopathic remedy Natrum muriaticum. A remedy for numbing, life-stealing grief. Natrum muriaticum (Nat-mur) is made from salt. The raw substance is processed according to homeopathic principles and made into a remedy. Imagine you are standing on the jutting rocks over looking the cold, all-encompassing wild ocean. Salt is the mineral of our emotions. The hot tears, the salt in the wound, the heavy overcast of forboding clouds rolling in.

A perfect match for me at the time, this remedy is for the individual who protects them-self from showing the world the gut-splitting vulnerability of their pain. In particular, Nat-mur is for heartbreak, betrayal, loss, yet carrying it all with a brave face. It’s for the strong, dutiful person who absorbs responsibility because that pressure has been put upon them – or they shoulder it because that’s just who they are. After my farther died and the few years after, I was sure to not allow anyone except for a precious few to come into my world. I turned away from relationships, not wanting to burden anyone with the depth of my grief and lostness. I avowed nothing was wrong. All the time. And yet I was disappearing from myself, the salt of amassed tears forming a fortress around me preventing close relationships and preventing me from moving on. This is a classic indication for this remedy. Thankfully, I found myself on the front steps of homeopathy college, with no understanding (yet) of how the training I was about to embark on to help others was really there to teach me that I first must help myself.

So what happened? Well, it was a long process, of a couple of years to find myself again. What I will tell you, is 5 days after the very first dose of Natrum-mur, I cried….because I could feel something resembling joy for the first time in years. It was a tiny feeling, but importantly I felt. The numbness was dissolving. Then, I found myself going out, because I felt a sparkle of joy and enthusiasm emerging. A few weeks later, my friend remarked I was smiling. And perhaps a year of consistent homeopathic treatment, I could look in the mirror and see a light in my eyes I thought died along with my father.

And importantly, as with any appropriately given remedy, insights into my own soul were uncovered. I was revealing myself to myself. Delicately, like origami. And eventually, years later, peacefulness genuinely came. I do not want to mid-lead you: this was not a straight lined path. The first 1-3 months of homeopathic treatment were profound enough to quell the science-trained skeptic in me. But really, deep concentrated healing through this journey was spiral-shaped. There were periods of time I felt stagnant. Times I felt I was going backwards. Tormenting grief revisited. And yet, finally, on the other side of the healing journey I could look back and see just how far I had come, and how all of it was truly an advancement forward.

One of the most beautiful full-circles in my own personal healing journey is, for the first time in my life I get to pilgrimage to the land of my father’s ancestry…Greece. If you’ve ever wondered, my surname Capranos mean’s “mountain goat” in Greek! Combining the love of my father and our family name and the love of my profession I will attend Homeopathy Summer School for professionals this June in Greece. And to top it off, a few of my closest friends will join me to visit sacred sites, because, well, it wouldn’t be a pilgrimage without visiting the sacred ruins and sites of this ancient land.

Nat-mur is common enough to be sold at your local pharmacy or health food store. You can purchase it yourself if you relate to this picture. Though, for long-standing, complicated situations the guidance of a practitioner is recommended. We live in grief-inducing times. This remedy can be a helpful ingredient in your medicine chest if you feel wrecked with grief from life events, PTSD, heck….the news.

The best way to take it for every-day stress & grief: take 3 pills once a day for 2-5 days depending on the severity of the situation. Then stop. Wait and watch and see what happens in the coming weeks. Repeat 3 pills on occasion as needed. Learn about homeopathy by purchasing a few books (like this one or this one). As any system of medicine demands: educate yourself on the basic principles so you can use it responsibly.


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    Beautifully done and so interesting. I am getting inspired once again. JOY

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