A Weekend Intensive on Salt Spring Island

with Seraphina Capranos and Suzanne Sterling

Spring 2018 – TBA

Friday  7:00PM-9:30PM |  Saturday 10AM-5PM | Sunday 10AM-5PM

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Canada

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20090926-r001-004The Elements of Magic is a class taught in the Reclaiming Tradition, an anarchist, ecofeminist, non hierarchical tradition of Witchcraft, founded by a collective of changers including Starhawk in the Bay Area in the 1980’s, and is based on the Andersen Feri Tradition.  In this weekend course we explore the practice of Magic, Witchcraft, and Goddess spirituality by working with the Elements of Magic: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  On the magical land of Salt Spring Island, we have the opportunity to engage the Elements on a kinesthetic level, and will explore the island for a series of participatory rituals to meet our own magic and divine connection to Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and the fifth sacred element, Spirit.  As both an instructional foundational course in the Reclaiming Tradition, and a full bodied weekend in Nature, we will meet our animal wild, our divine provocateur, the witch, and come together as a group to learn the cultivation of sacred space, honouring divinity, working with magical tools, altar building, embodiment, drumming, singing, building energy, spell casting, ritual design, and very importantly, exploring what it means to be our own spiritual authority in community.

  • About the word Witch: We understand this word is loaded and has a history of negative connotation. However, within the Reclaiming Tradition we reclaim this word as its original  meaning of healer, wise-one, one who is connected to the land and serves to steward the land, and seeks to understand and honour the powers of nature and the connection between all things.

Creating a sacred container on the land for this weekend, we view this course as an opportunity to unplug, and go deep with the land in ritual space.

This is a non-residential intensive. We encourage our students to camp out on land, and are happy to provide registrants whom do not live on Salt Spring with the names of campsites for where they may setup a sacred space to rest over this weekend.  I’m sorry we cannot make accommodation arrangements for you.
If you are a local island resident, please let us know if you have a spare room or backyard for  non-locals to camp out. 

This class includes a mix of indoor and outdoor time. This class is open to everyone over the age of 18.

To register email info@seraphinacapranos.com with the following information:

a) how you heard about this class  b) what calls you to join  c) your experience (or lack thereof) in spiritual or earth-based practices

Your Co-Facilitators

Suzanne Sterling

Suzanne Sterling


Suzanne Sterling is a dedicated musician, yogi, activist and social innovator who has been performing and teaching transformational workshops for over 20 years. She is a passionate facilitator of embodied healing and her unique style is a deep yet ecstatic journey into the heart of creativity, authentic connection with Source, and joyful service. 

She has been a featured artist/teacher at numerous festivals and conferences such as, Wanderlust, Omega, Esalen, Kripalu, Yoga Journal, Hanuman, Burning Man, Symbiosis, Ecstatic Dance, Bhaktifest, Boomfest, LIB, Earthdance (where she led the worlds largest Spiral Dance for 5000 people) and many more. She is also part of the nationwide faculty for YogaWorks Teacher Trainings. 

Since 2007 she has been training leaders of conscious activism through her co-founded (with Seane Corn and Hala Khouri) organization Off The Mat, Into the World. As director of the Seva Challenge Humanitarian Tours which have raised over $4 million since 2007, she has spent time in the US, India, Cambodia, Haiti, Ecuador and Africa working with communities in need and getting the yoga community involved in fund and awareness raising efforts across the globe. 

For many years, she has worked with Starhawk and the International Reclaiming Community, creating ritual and training teachers in eco feminist spirituality. An award winning musician, she has released 5 solo albums and numerous DVD soundtracks. She recently launched Voice of Change Training Programs- dedicated to inspiring others to find their unique voice and to use self expression as a tool for community building and conscious evolution. www.suzannesterling.com

Seraphina Capranos

Seraphina Capranos


Seraphina is a priestess, herbalist & homeopath who’s been steeped in life’s magical riches from an early age thanks to her pagan grandparents and mother.  She has devoted herself to exploring the sacred since the age of 12.  She’s passionate about serving the powers of Nature and the principles of Healing and believes it’s in the alchemy of these two forces blending that humans can find their dance of liberation. 

She has been priestessing ceremony and magic in the Reclaiming Tradition since 2005.  She’s a lover of bioregional herbs, wild animals,  island living, and  she’s inspired to stir our world awake through ancestral healing, practises of ecstatic joy, sacred sexuality and plant medicine.  She strives to commune daily with the soft breath of Nature so she can listen deeply to the song of the wild. 

She spent 8 years in an intensive Toltec shamanism apprenticeship that radically shifted the way she sees reality, and continues to facilitate a pathway towards a more humble, authentic way of living.    

Since 2004 she’s worked at a busy interdisciplinary clinic, The Green Raven Centre, where she practices western herbalism and classical homeopathy. She teaches herbalism, homeopathy and magic internationally. 

She lives on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada. www.seraphinacapranos.com

How to Apply

Registration is now open.

Tuition is according to a sliding scale, from $195-$300. Cash, cheque, e-transfer and Paypal are accepted.

To register please email info@seraphinacapranos.com with the following information

a) how you heard about this class  b) what calls you to join  c) your experience (or lack thereof) with spiritual or earth-based practices

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Class Details

The Elements of Magic 



Fall 2017 – TBA

Friday  7:00PM-9:30PM |  Saturday 10AM-5PM | Sunday 10AM-5PM



Salt Spring Island, British Columbia Canada


Sliding scale $195-$300


Please read the first six chapters of The Spiral Dance by Starhawk. We kindly ask that students commit to attending the entire weekend.

Awaken Your Soul to Magic